Recorded and mixed in the world famous Rockfield, Windmill Lane, AIR and Abbey Road studios, the top 10, platinum selling debut from RELISH spawned the hits "Rainbow Zephyr", "You I'm Thinking Of" and "Let It Fly". Produced by John Leckie (Radiohead, Stone Roses et al), Al Clay (Stereophonics, The Pixies) and co-produced by Papenfus/Papenfus the album was critically acclaimed and highly regarded by eminent artists like Brian May (Queen), Larry Mullan Jnr (U2), Sinead O'Connor, Neil Murray et al


Relish's 2nd album (produced by Al Clay/Relish) was a stunning display of dexterity in both song-writing and production values, with seemingly each track displaying a unique aspect of the band; with influences spanning from Rock, R&B, to Psychedelic and Alternative. It produced the top ten acoustic pop of "Father, Brother, Lover and Son" which the eminent songwriter Phil Coulter claimed would become an Irish standard.


"Connected" was the long awaited 3rd record by RELISH. After parting ways with EMI and taking a hiatus from the group to work on side projects, ranging from Paul Weller, The Answer, Paul Brady, Hal, Steafan Hanvey et al, the members began work on reconstructing a record that began after "Karma Calling" but for contractual reasons was left unfinished. This became firstly "Three Times" released only in Japan and finally "Connected".


This initial version of what became "Connected" is an interesting alternative  version of "Connected". Released in Japan only it contained several tracks and versions of tracks with alternative mixes to "Connected". Released through the Japanese label CCRE it is now unavailable


Double package of the Relish debut and sophomore albums featuring Irish hit single and bonus track "Got it Made"


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