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Meeting South African hero Dollar Brand aka Abdullah Ibrahim

Words cannot describe the honour it is to meet a true legend, genius, hero. Words fail to express the meaning this man has to our lives. As I'm sure you guys have all read before, our parents when they fled the Apartheid system of South Africa in 1970 all they brought with them to N Ireland was a record collection. Music meant as much to them as their freedom. Dollar Brand was a South African artist in the canon that we instantly loved as children. His music is...well pure South Afriacn. You can almost see it, smell it, touch it right in front of you. He expresses so much of the life there is there, the struggles, the pain, mans enduring joy even through some of the the worst times modern man has ever known. There is some wonderful music of his available of his but none, at least commercialy available, of thosetimeless South African domestic records on the Rashid Valley's "Sun Records". There are a couple of cuts from an album called "Peace" on YouTube that are amazing but much much more than that too. He became a global phenomenon and is as highly regarded as Miles Davis or Charlie Mingus as a jazz artist. A creative genius. Well, we didn't think we'd get the opportunity to meet him at WOMAD in Adelaide (where both he and Sinead O'Connor were performing) but we were invited in to his dressing room and he offered us seats next to him and we chatted. A gentleman too. Our folks new him at one time and we reminded him of them when we met. He also remembered them. We met up with him in the hotel today and got a couple of photos and even swapped details. Can't tell you how ecstatic we are. RELISH music would never have been the same without him. His music is in our DNA

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