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New Plymouth, New Zealand. Goodbye "Nothing Compares to You"

Amazing venue as you can see. WOMAD Festival in New Plymouth, New Zealand. WOMAD is a fantastic festival experience and we highly recommend them. With Sinead we've played WOMAD festivals in New Zealand, UK, Chile and potentially South Africa in October...fingers crossed.

As you may or may not know, Sinead has said publicly that she will never perform her mega hit "Nothing Compares To You" ever again and this show, so far, has been the last. It was the encore and it had been a stripped down to Ken, Brooke and Sinead performing without myself and Graham. As you can see in the picture the moate dividing the band from the audience had little ducks doing their thing in there, and after Sinead sang the line "like a bird without a song" a duck quacked and Sinead broke down with laughter. The song was only half way through but Sinead could not regain her composure and left the stage to let the crowd finish the song for her. A memorable farewell to one of the most popular songs of our time

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