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"SING STREET" movie soundtrack finished

Fresh from a week in Germany with Sinead O'Connor, we returned to Dublin, after a late night performing in Berlin, at middy from a 5am start, to finish what we started over a year and a half ago with fellow writers and performers Eamonn (Zamo) Griffan, Graham Henderson and the inspirator and director John Carney. Four solid days at Westland Studios in Dublin resulted in some fine performnces. It took two days to find the right music and performance for the closing sequence which will blow you all away (you won't know whether to laugh or cry) with some blistering guitar work from Ken and kicking bass playing from Eamonn.

What a fun time this has been and now we can look forward to red carpet day which is probably about 6 months away from now. We think it'll be a smash hit. Inspired stroy line, lovingly devolped and executed to precision but it's the heart of the film that will speak to everyone. We're very proud to have been a part of this. Look out: remember the name SING STREET!!!

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