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Stephen O'Brien (HAL) solo album

Having a blast today with the keyboard player from Dublin's finest indie band (HAL), playing drums on his first solo album. The music is part funk, part dance, part rock, part CAN, and many parts indescribable in a GREAT way.

Doing sessions are very challenging, for those who expect the best from themselves for all parties involved. Some guys just "dial in" what will work in a very practical way without paying too much attention to their "emotional driver" in the process. I believe the "emotional driver" is the creator of the music; if we didn't feel we could not convey an emotion and that is music's fundamental purpose; to reach those parts of the human, the soul, that we find so diffcult to put into words. In the process of doing a session I have to decide to, in a musical way, expose my emotions for the sake of producing the music, to walk that line and be vulnerable and intimate with those I play with and Stephen made that process easier for me than usual. One of his tracks was so experimental that I had no idea how to approach it. Stephen suggested playing at the most instinctive level which manifested itself as seemingly random hits, though they were anything but random. Every hit had an intention. Then out of that a drum part that was beyond convention, beyond logic and reason unfolded and created a thing of beauty. It's amazing how one day in the world of music can challenge you and make you a better player for it. Stephen is a brilliant talent and I'm proud to lend mine to this record. Hope that track makes the final cut.

(Just saw a photo of myself with HAL at the Sugar Club, Dublin in 2006

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