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RELISH perform at Java Jazz Festival 2016, Indonesia

It brings us great pleasure to announce RELISH's appearance at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (JJF), one of the largest jazz festivals in the world and arguably the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, held in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 4th, 5th and 6th 2016. The likes of Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Santana and John Legend have graced it's stages and this year finds us sharing the stage with esteemed artists like Robin Thicke, Larry Coryell and more.

Some of you may know that around the time of "Wildflowers'" first release we had a surprise hit in Indonesia with "You I'm Thinking Of". Since then we've always intended to grace an Indonesian stage and it's been our regret that it hasn't happened...up to now. In the interim our fantastic Indonesian fans kept the flame alive online with their many tributes and cover versions (see the RELISH YouTube Channel) and for that we are grateful. It's a great time now for RELISH to make the trip with the new 5 pice strong line up. We now look forward to experiencing Indonesia in all it's wonder (especially Ken, visiting the home of the martial art of which he's been a long time practitioner Pencak Silat) and to our fans, we look forward to seeing you all.

Big Love!!! RELISH

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