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RELISH co-write Hollywood movie soundtrack

Hollywood's new musical "Sing Street" could continue Carney's Oscar streak In October, 2013, Kenneth and Carl Papenfus, brothers from Northern Ireland, started writing sessions for the new John Carney movie "Sing Street" as part of a team writers involving Garham Henderson, Zamo Riffman and John Carney himself. It started as a semi autobiographical account of Carney's school years in the 80's where through some difficult teenage years he took refuge in a rock n roll band; something Ken and Carl could relate to. "Musically the idea was to evoke the spirit of those times, pre digital age, internet and mobile phones, when what it meant to be in a band meant everything to you" says Carl. "Those early sessions lasted two months where we'd meet up every week with ideas we'd gathered and try and make sense of them as a band" recalls Ken The guys juggled much of 2014 & 2015 working on the soundtrack in a performing and writing capacity, whilst continuing their schedule as part of Sinead O'Connor's band and promoting their 2015 RELISH offering "Got it Made" which made the Irish top 20. "Sing Street" which has now won the critics approval, including at the Sundance Festival, saw it's UK and Ireland release on March 17th along with the original motion picture soundtrack released on Universal Records. The album sees the eight soundtrack original compositions which includes Maroon 5's Adam Levigne lending his vocals to movie closer "Go Now" coupled with contributions from The Jam, The Cure, Duran Duran and more

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